Monday, June 23, 2014

Importance of REIAs, Real Estate Investor Association, to Your Success as an Investor written by: Greg Warner

Importance of REIAs, Real Estate Investor Association

Are you a real estate investor or are you planning to be one and located in Wayne County, Michigan? Then the Real Estate Investors Club of Wayne is the best place for you. The club brings together all seasoned and new investors in Wayne County

Benefits to accrue from joining the club

The club provides all the local and national investors located in the county a chance to learn and network with their fellow investors. The investment club offers its members a chance to learn from the best and share personal experiences at a very low cost. Actually, the club enables the investors to broaden their network of investment friends and partners. Having many investment acquaintances helps a great deal in enhancing your investment skills and opportunities. 

The investors’ club also offers new investors an opportunity to learn from seasoned investors and earn money simultaneously. Through the club, new investors meet seasoned investors in need of their services. As a new investor you are therefore employed and get to learn investment skills first hand. You will be killing two birds with the same stone. The club offers you a chance to learn and a chance for employment.
As a seasoned investor, the club also offers you a great opportunity to market your real estate investment brand. In every meeting, all investors place their business cards on the resources table. It is through the table that investors get the chance to interact and exchange their business fliers. This acts as a form of marketing because you get a chance to promote your investment brand to other investors. At the end of the meeting, you could get investors linking you to some clients or themselves seeking to invest in your brand. 
Finally, the club provides seasonal training opportunities by experts in real estate investment. The club invites national investment experts for seminars, short training courses, and interactive talks. The formal learning opportunities are granted to provide you with an opportunity to learn new investment techniques. The formal training also goes a long way in enhancing your profile and credentials as a real estate investor.

Meeting schedules and venue

The club holds its meetings on the second Tuesday of every month. In order to get finer details on the meeting time and venue, you need to visit our website at The interactive website offers you more and simple learning opportunities. Through the website, you get a chance to know about other related meetings that generally enhance your business credentials. It offers information on internet marketing and business to business networking techniques. All the club meetings are held at Wayne County Community College in Eastern Campus located in 5901 Conner Street, Detroit, MI,48213. The club schedules all the meetings between six o’clock to nine o’clock in the evening. The allocated time offers a comfortable schedule for all investors because it is after the office hours. You therefore do not risk missing your official duties while attending the monthly meetings. 
In summation, this is an excellent chance for you as a new investor or a seasoned one to sharpen your real estate investment skills and remain part of the top cream in the game.

REIA Real Estate Investor Host:  Mark Maupin
Phone for REIA 248-762-0800
Property REIA Email:
Questions & Answers  4-6 pm
Main Real Estate Speaker 6-8 pm
Event Date:
Third Thursday each Month
Event Start Time:
4:00 PM
Event End Time:
8:00 PM